Great talent can be found everywhere: Amy’s story

Hyper Island students are encouraged to develop their professional networks and gain industry-relevant skills to be able to realize their career goals. Here, Amy shares her journey and shares advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps.

Hyper Island students have good chances of getting hired after graduation through our global network of companies that look to hire graduates. Two alumni who found top jobs after making the leap to study abroad are Amy Liu and Letitia Hoshino.

Amy is a Chinese-American facilitator and facilitator who went to work at design agency Your Majesty Co. in Amsterdam and is now at culture development firm ThinkHuman in New York City. Letitia is a Japanese-Brazilian marketing automation specialist who now works at Avaus, a fast-growing marketing technology company in Stockholm.

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Q: Hi Amy! How are you doing? What are you up to nowadays?

Amy: “I’m loving my life in New York, enjoying the creative scene in Brooklyn, working for for a company that improves culture within organizations and also on my passion projects in painting and drawing.”

Q: Did you know you wanted to work abroad already when you came to Hyper?

A: “No, but when I moved to Europe for the program I fell in love with Amsterdam and decided to get a job there. I ended up working with the amazing and kind souls at Your Majesty Co as a UX design intern.”

Your Majesty’s midsummer celebration in Amsterdam

Q: Where are you working now?

A: “I currently work for ThinkHuman, a leadership development and training agency in New York that develops culture with companies like Spotify, Snapchat, AKQA, Huge and Droga5. We facilitate feedback sessions and develop self awareness in leaders and managers in the organization.”

At an event ThinkHuman hosted on diversity & inclusion: “The Empathy Gap between White Women and Women of Color in the Workplace.”

Q: What is your role?

A: “After Hyper Island and some further life coaching I pursued on my own (Synergy Education). I developed the confidence to move from behind the screen where I’m normally most comfortable and now am growing in a business development and facilitation role at ThinkHuman.”

Q: How was it getting a job after Hyper Island?

A: “So many dream companies that I applied to had heard of Hyper Island and it was a great way to get noticed. Of course, I still had to do many interviews and pass them using my own effort and skills, but getting a foot in the door was invaluable.”

Q: What advice can you share about getting a top job in Europe as an international applicant?

A: “Commitment and confidence. Do not give up. To land the role at Your Majesty in Amsterdam, I went to the office in person to present myself as a courageous and creative applicant. For my current role with ThinkHuman, I consistently reached out to the founder of the company for many months before there was an opportunity to bring me on board. Coffees, phone calls, and conversations go a long way when you’re dedicated.”

Q: Any advice about visa sponsorship?

A: “Be clear and find a place that will sponsor you. Set that expectation from the beginning. Say that you love their company and want to join the team. Ask: “Will you be able to sponsor me?”

Q: Did you experience any culture clashes?

A: “Yes. But that’s what I love about moving to a new place because it means I get to grow as a person and open my worldview.”

Q: What’s in the future for you?

A: “I’m moving back home to Los Angeles to continue growing myself, as both a facilitator and an artist! The journey continues.”

Thank you Amy!