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One day well into the future we’ll scratch our heads while trying to remember that first day when everything started to change for good. Or, what exactly is responsible for the way you live in 2045.


One day well into the future we’ll scratch our heads while trying to rememberthat first day when everything started to change for good. Or, what exactly is responsible for the way you live in 2045.

It will be easier for your future self to identify that moment, that person, that technology that triggered it all than it is for us to imagine 2045 today.

As the good minds of The Mission said recently: “Much like the past, the future exists in our minds. Unlike in the past, the future exists only in our minds.

Today was born between the 70s and the 90s in Silicon Valley (read Valley of Genius). And tomorrow’s future will probably be born somewhere between Shenzhen, Scandinavia and the Valley (or even Chile, the third most entrepreneurial country in the world).

The New York Times and CB insights are “guessing” the next wave of startups that will define the world as we will know it.

We won’t try to guess. Rather, we want to focus on a few strong signals of what life will be like for us in 2045. Because they might matter to you more now than tomorrow.

What’s changing: Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Fortnite has gone from a nerdy online game to an example of everything future in less than a year. Things like live virtual concerts, Metaverses, esports, a Netflix shoutout, and becoming a darling of global trade have turned this ‘game’ into the cultural phenomenon of the XXI century. (4 min, 10 min, 3 min, 2 min, and 5 min reads)

If you have not played Fortnite yet, ask anybody under 25 to show you how. You won’t last long, but the lessons learned will echo into the future.

By the way, if you are as concerned as we are about the effect of screen time on our kids (and on everybody for that matter) these are some guidelines from the book Raising Humans in a Digital World. (6 min and 5-hour reads)

A key takeaway from the emergence of AI is that learning is overtaking logic. Machines are learning better and faster when not influenced by human logic. That’s a powerful thought. (8 min read)

Logic might not explain what’s happening to our planet but we are learning that unless we do something about it our life on the planet will be very different. The potential consequences are troubling business and even the Olympics but the solution might be surprising or just pure common sense. Either way, we know one thing: The future will be warm. (2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 3 min, and 3 min reads)

Mental energizer

“The emergence of the mirrorworld will affect us all at a deeply personal level. We know there will be severe physiological and psychological effects of dwelling in dual worlds; we’ve already learned that from our experience living in cyberspace and virtual realities. But we don’t know what these effects will be, much less how to prepare for them or avoid them. We don’t even know the exact cognitive mechanism that makes the illusion of AR work in the first place.

(…) Eventually, this melded world will be the size of our planet. It will be humanity’s greatest achievement, creating new levels of wealth, new social problems, and uncountable opportunities for billions of people. There are no experts yet to make this world; you are not late.”

– From “AR Will Spark the Next Big Platform: Call it the Mirrorworld” by Kevin Kelly for Wired Magazine.

Food for thought


The precious metal in the catalytic converter of the hybrid car has overtaken gold to become the most valuable precious metal. 5g of the silver-white element in some converters is worth £170.

Tomorrow’s numbers.

By 2040, 70% of people are expected to meet through dating apps.

The gamification of dating

The market for adult diapers and padded underwear in the U.S. is projected to grow 36% >from 2017 to 2022, compared with a 4% projected drop for baby diapers.

A diaper boom


This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

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