Evolve or else!

Complex environments demand continuous evolution. The type that requires constant learning and unlearning, upgrades and optimization of the way we think, the way we work, and the way we manage change itself.

Not everybody will adapt to new needs in the marketplace but one thing is for sure: very few will be left out of work if we read the signs, remain flexible, and adapt quickly to emerging opportunities driven by technology and science.

Keep this in mind when exploring the following changes affecting employers and employees.

Anticipating disruption could be your unfair advantage.

What’s changing: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Mental Energizer

“‘Prediction Machines’ gratifyingly chimes with this idea: the authors argue that artificial intelligence is best thought of as a way of producing super-cheap predictions; predicting what you might buy, predicting whether a shadow on a scan is cancer, predicting what the Japanese translation of this sentence might be.”

From “Understanding Algorithms” by Tim Harford.

Food for thought

FIRE: Financial independence, retire early.

Young tech workers are practicing with financial theories like the “4% rule” and the FI number to live life on their own terms.