Everything you need to know about our Digital Marketing Online Course

Since 2016, the Digital Marketing Online Course from Hyper Island has been one of our most popular online courses. It brings together the Hyper Island methodology with hands-on digital marketing know-how, and is designed to give you confidence and competence to make the most of the opportunities in your company.

The internet has transformed the way we communicate and market to our customers and stakeholders. The wide range of tools allows us to make data driven decisions with more accuracy and insight than ever before. To not use effective digital marketing strategies risks your organization being left behind whilst other competitors grow.

The Digital Marketing Online Course helps you learn how to navigate the entire digital marketing funnel, from attraction to retention, and gain the tools and knowledge to drive growth in your organization. Discover a wide range of digital marketing approaches and develop a mindset of continual iteration and learning to achieve results.

100% online, this six-week part-time course combines videos, tasks, webinars and individual feedback – all focused on tackling the needs you face in your organisation. This course is led by a team of Hyper Island facilitators and thought leaders.

“Hyper Island’s Online Digital Marketing Course is great for both beginners and intermediate marketers – it provides an easy-to-follow and comprehensive learning experience that gives you all the tools and techniques necessary to quickly learn the ropes of digital marketing.”

Explore and build competence in the following areas


Tactics for reaching the most people with minimum efforts.


Techniques for engaging your target audience.


Tricks to turn your potential leads into paying customers.


Ways to engage your customers and keep them coming back for more.


Tools to measure your results, that will help improve your performance.