Driving Transformation: Everything you need to know

Curious about what you’ll learn during the Driving Transformation online program? Tempted to sign up but not sure what to expect? Get the lowdown from program leader and coach Ben Ward along with a former participant in this informative video.

You can find transformation theory from different books, blogs and videos, but how do you actually apply it? How do you actually get it to work in your context? How do you put ideas into action to bring about real change?

Driving Transformation is an intensive six-week online program designed to give you the tools, mindset, coaching and the network to drive real change in your organization. The program comprises live sessions and online tools so you can do a lot of your reading and research in your own time before getting together as a groups at specific times. It is designed to empower you to take the initiative to try new things, see the results, and then reflect upon what worked (and what didn’t). You then make small changes and keep iterating.

This blend of online learning with offline doing helps participants strengthen their confidence, competence and peer network to be able to lead change and have an impact. It features an amazing team of speakers to inspire the participants and take you through the live sessions.

There is no typical participant – you could be learning alongside people from leadership teams, CEOs, managers, directors, heads of department, strategists, entrepreneurs and consultants across all fields and from virtually any geographical location.

Program leader and coach Ben Ward: “What I love about this course is that it really brings together like-minded people to go through all the challenges and problems of driving transformation within organizations and it’s just such an exciting journey to go on because we never really know what’s going to happen.”

The purpose of this video is for you to get a better understanding about what the Driving Transformation online program is, who it is for, and how it looks and feels. You’ll also hear from Claudia Widmann-Camenisch, Head of Consulting & Managing Partner at Hinderling Volkart AG. Claudia kindly shares her experience of doing the course, what she learned, and how she applied it.