Driving personal and professional transformation with Daniela De Barros Nabholz

Mother-of-two Daniela De Barros Nabholz found the professional tools and mindset she needed in the online Driving Transformation course to rejoin the workforce.

Before Hyper Island

Why did you choose to study a course even though you are an experienced professional?
Daniela: “Because I believe in constant learning. Especially in our reality, the world is changing so we also need to change and evolve. Even as an experienced professional I believe that we don’t know everything we need to look outside, reflect, learn new things, new perspectives, open our mind, heart. We need to transform, sometimes even reinvent ourselves on our journey.”

What were you hoping to get out of it personally and professionally?
Daniela: When I signed up for the course I was really excited about it but didn’t know and didn’t have a clear vision about what I wanted to get out of it. I just felt that it was something that was going to be amazing and transformative and necessary for that moment in my life. Now, after the course, I can say that I was right. The course, process and people helped me see new possibilities, think about my next steps, reflect on my leadership, my posture. It gave me new tools that help to clarify some visions, create a plan in a more structured way. The course leaders make sure you are constantly challenged to get out of your comfort zone and confront yourself, your fears and your beliefs. The other participants in the group help that journey, supporting each other with tips, a nice word, offering comfort and safe space for you to expose what is deep in you without judgement. It is your safe place. Your tribe.”

What did you know about Hyper Island before you signed up for the course?
Daniela: “I heard about Hyper Island back in 2015 when I came to a conference here in Brazil. After that I started to search and learn more about the courses you offer. At that time I wasn’t able to take a course because they were all abroad. Then, in 2016, I saw an advert for an online program and decided to sign up for Leading Teams in the Digital Age. It was the right decision for me. The course was really helpful and amazing for my development. It made a huge impact on my personal life and especially on my professional life. It helped me a lot in my learning journey. By bringing some guidance, tools and clarification for me.  Because of that previous experience, I knew that Driving Transformation was going to be both deep and transformative.”

Learning at Hyper Island

Tell us about what you did during the course at Hyper Island.
Daniela: I was connected all the time, keeping up with what was shared. I also tried to share what I could. I constantly talked to the others in the group, to the mentors, and really enjoyed it. Before the course, I had decided to be fully committed and to focus fully on the experience. Reading the material before our meetings to have more learnings and go deeper in the subject. I dedicated my mornings to reading, reflection and doing tasks to keep up with the pace of the course through the weeks. As it is an intense course, we had a lot of work to produce. I have two kids and work full time but still kept my goal of getting the most out of my time during the course.”

What emotions did you experience during the course?
Daniela: “I was really excited about the whole experience. During the program I went through periods when I was more introspective, when I was quieter, spending time reflecting and processing all the information that I was receiving. At the same time, I felt rewarded to be in that group. It brought out a lot of emotions in me and challenged me in many ways. I felt vulnerable, strong, happy, amazed, connected, confident, challenged, introspective and reflective. At the end of the course, I was tired but still had a sparkle in my eyes and was loving every moment.”

Tell us about the other participants. Where they like you? Have you kept in touch with any of them?
Daniela: “I met different people all over the world and that is amazing. We shared our experiences and I felt more related and connected to some participants than others. After the course we kept in touch. It’s a small group and it’s very refreshing and helpful to be a part of it.”

After Hyper Island

How would you describe what Hyper Island does?
Daniela: “Maybe this is the most difficult question to answer. I would say that Hyper Island is a school, because you share knowledge and provide lots of material. It’s also a place to meet people and network and Hyper Island stimulates and facilitates this with different initiatives. Hyper Island is a place for transformation, reflection and guidance. You need to be open if you really want to enjoy the experience and take away significant things. It’s hard to describe.”

Has the course helped you overcome any personal challenges?
Daniela: “Yes, in general it made me rethink a lot of things. It helped me with the emotions that I was struggling with after my maternity leave, when I returned to work. I experienced some difficult personal circumstances and was questioning a lot of things. I had the feeling that I couldn’t find my group or my place. Should I come back? What is my role now? How do I overcome a sense of loneliness as a manager? The course helped me find answers to deal with some of these emotions. It helped me gain more confidence, see new possibilities and challenge myself. Nowadays, I feel less worried, less anxious. That gave me feeling that I’m on the right path.”

How has the course helped your work?
Daniela: “Yes, the course gave me more clarity about some situations and opened my horizon – bring with it new perspectives and possibilities. Beyond that, it helped me to develop a plan in a more structured way. It also helped me look for new opportunities, better organize ideas and emotions to present to others with more tangible language.”