Drive Digital Transformation With Artificial Intelligence

Leaders aren't born, they’re made. So when it comes to driving digital transformation with a relatively new technology such as artificial intelligence, leaders need all the help they can get. 

“Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation go hand-in-hand, but a concerted effort is required to maximize the potential of this symbiotic relationship,” writes Martech Today contributor Jim Yu. “Digital transformation needs new structures, new technologies and most of all, a new mindset in relation to the customer.”

Writing in Forbes, Kristof Kloeckner, former CTO and General Manager, Technology, Innovation and Automation for IBM Global Technology Services, explains how this can be implemented: “AI is clearly playing a strong role in the evolution of the nature of work, and in the relationships between enterprises, their employees and their customers and clients. Success will ultimately depend on making all affected groups stakeholders in the transformation.”

IBM Watson is operating at the forefront of a new era of computing:

What’s needed to drive this transformation is strong leaders, who can deliver on the potential of AI by empowering teams to meet shareholder expectations.

Hyper Island has just the course for you

Our three-day course, Leading in Artificial Intelligence Times, has been designed by learning experts and industry leaders to help you understand artificial intelligence and its potential to support digital transformation. Over three days at Hyper Island in São Paulo, you will get the opportunity to develop the following skills and abilities:


  • Understand the concepts of AI, how these concepts affect you, and what you can do to apply it in your business scenario.
  • Demystify narrow, general and super ai, machine learning and deep learning/neural networks and explore the computational thinking mindset.
  • Explore applications of natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, robotics, as well as the AI market landscape.
  • Discuss human dimensions of AI: legal, social and ethical challenges, such as AI bias, the future of work, inequality, security and singularity.
  • Learn by doing prototypes of AI in a bootcamp-style and hands-on workshops.
  • Develop an overview of the AI market landscape, as well as meeting some of the startups and corporations that are creating or disrupting business with AI.


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