#Changed. Hyper Island life through the eyes of our students.

What's a day at Hyper Island like? We asked our Digital Media Management students. Here's what they shared...

Each year, we ask our Digital Media Management students to organise an Industry Party that brings together industry experts, alumni and students for a night of sharing ideas, advice and building network relationships.

The theme this year in line with their current module was Startups. So, after pitching their startup ideas and getting real-time industry feedback, it was time to answer our question.

In their eyes, this is a day in Hyper Island. They named the video #Changed.

We grabbed a moment with the director of the film, Tabea Bork. Here are her insights…

What was your motivation to do this film?

We want to create a film that shows what we MA students in Digital Media Management learn, what skills we bring back to the real world after leaving the school. But we didn’t want to create an informative explanation video with interviews. We wanted to tell a story, show emotions and give an insight into the real daily life at Hyper Island. And all this from the perspective of an insider, the perspective of a student. We choose the film title #Changed because 'change' is a key topic in our journey: studying at Hyper Island is more than going to school, it is a process of change, of transformation. And once we’ve changed, you could say, we are ready to lead the change in the industry.

How was the experience of making the film?

For three days I had a GoPro camera on my head and looked completely ridiculous. But the good thing was, after the first few hours everybody forgot that there is a camera filming all the time. Thus we were able to catch a lot of real moments. The whole project was a no-budget and low-effort production. We had to do this film somewhere in-between the busy school days, client briefs, group tasks and individual research projects. I am really happy the whole film crew was still so motivated to bring the idea to life.

Do you want to thank someone?

Definitely, a big thank you to Tash, our program manager for her support and a huge thank you to the whole film team. Hannah, Laila and Natalia came up with so many good ideas for story and props, especially for the last part – the "real-world-challenge-parkour". Chris helped me shooting and Carlos did, with the support of Francesco, a great job in the post production. Also thanks to Stephen for promoting the film. Last but not least a big thank you to my friend Stephan Pauka (the only non-student) who created this awesome soundtrack for us.“