AI Will Shape The Future of Business: Are You Ready?

You don’t need to have a million-dollar company or hire a team of computer scientists to use AI in your business. In fact, you don’t need any prior knowledge of AI at all before you put it to work.

What are the Experts Saying About AI?
At Hyper Island, innovation and change are in our blood. Through courses like Digital Acceleration, Digital Strategy and industry-specific ones like Understanding FinTech, we help individuals and organizations gain confidence with new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and not get left behind. We collaborate with industry experts and bring you face-to-face with professionals working with technologies like AI on a daily basis.

The ABC’s of AI and What It Can Mean to Your Organization
Listen to this McKinsey Podcast all about “burgeoning business applications of artificial intelligence, the line between hype and true use cases for AI, and how business leaders can separate one from the other”. Also, this study by EY found some pretty interesting responses regarding how enterprises are incorporating AI into their overall strategies.

All You Need is the Confidence
Once you’ve identified and plotted your business objectives, it’s time to find out what AI can do. This is why Hyper Island has partnered with 33A, which has developed an AI Design Sprint for business leaders to get an overview of AI and to apply AI in the context of their business. “The AI Design Sprint is based on the proven Google Design Sprint methodology,” says 33A, “only condensed to intensive couple half-day sessions, and with the focus on AI.”

AI Design Sprint at Hyper Island
Hyper Island and 33A are pleased to offer you the chance to stop worrying about how artificial intelligence will impact your business and get hands-on with it. We’ve invited human-centered AI consultancy 33A from Copenhagen to come and help you get started in this special event.

Sign up here (limited places available)