6 Tips on Leading Teams in a Digital Age

The dawn of a new era is upon us. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the automation of tasks by robots, is going to rewrite the way we do business. In the evolving workplace, it is us humans that must retake control and lead the change.

Factors like high expectations from younger, digital-first generations — along with more accessible mobile technology — are changing the concept of work completely. Remote teams are becoming increasingly common, and flexible contracts are boosting the so-called gig-economy.

All these elements influence professional team dynamics and group development. “In our age of networks, universal connectivity and exponential technology, we need a new logic,” writes Adib Hakim Abu.
“One that helps us build teams and teams of teams that are equipped to handle change, complexity and uncertainty — and indeed thrive in that context.”

Currently, no robot or piece of software out there can step up and take the lead in this rapidly changing landscape. So, who’s going to do it? You are, of course.

Here are 6 things to do to make your team work better in a digital world

Take a Team Self-Assessment

This is a structured process designed for teams to explore the way they work together. The tight structure supports team members to be open and honest in their assessment. After reflecting as individuals, the team builds a collective map which can serve as the basis for further discussions and actions.

Define Your Team Purpose & Culture

This is an essential process designed to help teams define their purpose (why they exist) and their culture (how they work together to achieve that purpose). Defining these two things will help any team to be more focused and aligned.

Get a MethodKit for Team Development

MethodKit is an tool for meetings and workshops. It comprises cards that represent flexible frameworks — each card is a different perspective. Examples could be: goals, team, budget, roles and responsibilities.

Gain Alignment & Autonomy

This workshop is designed to support teams to reflect on and ultimately increase their alignment with purpose/goals and team member autonomy. Inspired by Peter Smith’s model of personal responsibility. Use this workshop to strengthen a culture of personal responsibility and build your team’s ability to adapt quickly and navigate change

Take an online course

Master and apply the building blocks of modern teamwork and get the confidence to support and lead your team through good days and bad. Learn to navigate uncertainty, disruption and change. (Even if you’re not the boss.) Test and apply new tools and approaches to develop your team and deliver results.