4 Ways Digital Acceleration Will Help You Rethink Customer Relationships

Your relationship with your customers is evolving. Thanks to the internet, social media and the proliferation of content marketing, your customers are more informed than ever before. Digital acceleration means learning to navigate through complex business landscapes, engage customers, and expand your reach.

Last year, the average American was exposed to more than 4,000 ads every day, while 95 percent of people in the UK aged between 16 and 24 reported owning a smartphone. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital communications but these figures suggest a shift in how consumers and businesses interact in today’s digital world.

“More specifically, we will talk about how, in just 10 years, we went from a linear, retail-focused model (the “first moment of truth”), to today’s iterative, digital-centric model of customer behavior (the “accelerated customer decision journey,” writes Bill SuCEO of data analytics firm Humanlytics.

Embrace The Evolving Demands Of The Marketplace

The broad range of professionals who use communications as a tool for engaging with customers, clients, and building relationships desperately need digital acceleration. They must collectively and individually embrace the evolving demands of the marketplace and stay one step ahead – of their customers and their competitors alike.

Everyone from account managers, copywriters and creative directors to brand communications, marketing managers and heads of digital/sales/strategy need to acquire a better understanding of the implications and disruption of the networked society to businesses, individuals and society as a whole. They should be able to see changes in consumer behaviour and the impact of digital on client journeys.

They should also have the ability to build deeper customer relationships by identifying and address evolving consumer needs, apply tactics for growth and consumer engagement, and use these four approaches available for collaborative ideation and innovation processes:

Embrace a new logic

Broaden your thinking about digital communications and understand what is driving disruption in your industry.

Understand customer needs

Explore how to build deeper relationships with tech-savvy customers.

Discover tactics for growth and engagement

Activate and expand networks to reach your business goals with new communications methods.

Move from insight to action

Find the right tools to make the most of the emerging digital opportunities.

“The digital age and the rise of the connected consumer is causing entire industries to reevaluate their approach to business, innovation, and marketing. As consumers expect more transparency and choices, manufacturers across the board, from tech to fashion, are having to step into the limelight in a much more strategic and thoughtful way.”

Shama Hyder
CEO of Zen Media and renowned keynote speaker