36 hours in the life of a Serious Spiritual Leader

My name is Helga Ósk Hlynsdóttir, I’m one of 5 co-founders of the Strategic design and Branding agency Serious Business, and I’m the Icelandic force in our super international team. I graduated from Design Lead (former Interactive art director) at Hyper Island in 2016. 

I got a recommendation from my very special friend Vala Pétursdóttir to apply for Hyper Island because I was feeling lost in my life. Little did I know that this journey was going to flip my life upside down – mostly in good ways.

People often ask me “How did you become the Spiritual Leader of Serious Business?” I think this role came to me. I’m a very spiritual being and in tune with that element in myself, I was 21 when I became a yoga instructor after doing yoga since I was 14. I did study shoe and accessories design in Rome and worked as a shoe designer in London for 5 years, but I don’t think that’s essential for this role 😉

Deep connections with people is my biggest interest. The right skills for this role is to be there for the human part of running a business, being open, vulnerable, strong, inspire, push people to go out of the box – whether it is for clients, internal team or collaborators. Being a good listener, focus on compliments and problem solving, be aware that you bring in the energy that reflects back at you. Lead

Any day 6:30am

I do The JOMA method in the morning, it’s my latest new habit and it’s the best! It’s 10min meditation, 10min quick workout – doing animal movements, and then a cold shower. This is the greatest way to kick start any day! If the weather is good I bike to work and stop for a swim in the Isar before heading to the office – pretty magical.

Monday 12:30pm
I start by the day buying fruits for the office in the morning. Monday lunch is a big thing for our team, where we share lunch together open up and talk about stuff we did on the weekend, we usually order food and it’s always on Serious Business. Today we’re having a BBQ on the balcony. We often have external guests, potential clients or talents to collaborate with joining us – but today it’s only the team.

Tuesday 10:00am

I work from a cafe before 13:00 because it’s “Therapy Tuesday” if you are a spiritual leader, founder of a company or just a human being striving to be a better one, Therapy Tuesdays are a must, that is – I go to see my therapist between 1pm-2pm, very important and sacred time for myself. I often organize a meeting with a muse or a mentor in the morning with focus on reflection and follow ups.

Tuesday 3:00pm

Time to design a framework for our next client workshop, for this I don’t need my computer, so I just go into the park with a sketchbook. We do travel around the world for customized workshops with clients that tackle challenges and change them into opportunities one of your favorite and most used tool is “The Hot Air Balloona perfect tool to start any workshop – if you ask me.

Wednesday 8am

Starting the day at home with a weekly update call with a client, we go through any feelings or emotions in regards to the process. I update what is going on in the team and raise any open questions. Mostly listening, noting down and delivering the status quo. It’s important to connect one on one with the client, making sure he/she feels heard. Then I host a status quo meetings with all the project managers as part of my role as Traffic manager, a role I can go into depth in another blog article.

Thursday 3pm-5pm

TDS in the park – we sit in a circle, on my mandala blanket with the whole team. I have a pen and paper to note down the biggest insights. We start with a “check in” the goal is to make space to connect better each individual in the team. Create sharing moments, memories and empathy. Raise concerns, give feedback and talk about what impacted you in the last moon circle. Setting goals for the next circle.

Friday 9pm

Tasks not time. There is a policy in place at Serious Business that if you have finished all your tasks for the week you are free to choose whether you come into the office or not. I’m a big believer in working less and I’m a pirate for 4 day work week!