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Admissions process explained

The admissions process differs between those applying from within the Nordic region, and those applying as International Students. Please find the information relevant to your application below.

Nordic applicants

Are you a nordic resident? Click here for the extended application that closes April 17th.
Are you an international resident (outside of the Nordic countries)? Please use this application.

International applicants

Admissions to Hyper Island for students applying from outside the Nordic region are conducted on a rolling basis. This means that admissions are ongoing throughout the year. Below you’ll find the application and admissions process for International applicants.

Step 1: Choose your Top 3 programs
Hyper Island offers a wide variety of programs to suit any number of learning and career goals. As part of your application, we recommend that you apply to 3 programs. You will then be processed for admission according to your order of preference.

Step 2: Book a call with the admissions team
Whether you’ve decided on your choice of program or would like to explore your options, we’re here to help! To get all the info you need to submit an application, we advise you to arrange a call with the admissions team. You can either reach out via email or book a call directly with our Student Relations Manager by clicking here.

Step 3: Application Submission & Digital Admissions Day
Once you have submitted your application, together with our Student Relations Manager, you’ll decide on a date to join a Digital Admissions day. Digital Admissions Days are organized at least twice a month, and are held online. On this day you will participate in a personal interview, a group task, and a personal task.

Step 4: Final decision
A week after your Digital Admissions Day, you will attend a callback with our Admissions Manager who inform you whether you have been offered a seat.