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The application process

The application process to Hyper Island goes through 5 specific events, starting with your application form and ending with your acceptance letter.

Complete Your Application

First begin the application process and start gathering the required certificates and documents needed to complete your application form, including your take on the Creative Task if you’re a Nordic applicant. Non-Nordic applicants for the programs in Sweden, and applicants for the Full-time and Part-time Master's program in Singapore, the UK, or Sweden are not required to submit a Creative Task. Remember that different programs may have different requirements so double check that you submit the correct documents.

Application Review

Initially, your application will be reviewed on the following criteria: Your prior work experience and/or previous studies, and your Creative Task submission if applicable.

NOTE: You will only be assessed on the certificates that you submit. If you have both prior work experience and a relevant academic history that you include in your CV; you must validate that experience by submitting documents that support both prior studies and work experience. For example, you will not receive any merits when stating a bachelor’s degree from a university in your CV without submitting college transcripts/diploma/proof of completion. The same goes for work experience; upload a letter of recommendation/pay stub/written job offer to support what you’ve stated in your CV.

Give yourself the best possible chances by updating your CV and backing it up with valid certificates.

Admissions Day

We’ll evaluate all of the applications we receive, and if your application successfully passes the first stage; you’ll be selected to receive an invitation to join the next step known as the Admissions Day. The Admissions Day is not only an opportunity for us to get to know our applicants, but also for you to feel safe in your decision to join Hyper Island if you are admitted. During the Admissions Day, you will participate in a number of admissions activities including an interview, a group assignment, and an individual task. During the day you will also collaborate with other applicants, meet staff and current students, and get an intensive introduction to the Hyper Island experience.

***The Hyper Island Admissions Days are conducted physically, in real life, as well as digitally using Google Hangout and/or Skype depending on the program you’ve applied to and where you’re applying from. See Below:

**If you’re a Nordic resident applying to a program (except PTMA) in Sweden and you’ve been invited to join an Admissions Day; then you’re expected to join a physical Admissions Day in either Stockholm or Karlskrona.

**Non-Nordic residents applying to a program in Sweden are invited to join a Digital Admissions Day via Google Hangout or Skype.

**Applicants applying to our PTMA in Stockholm will be asked to join a Digital Admissions day via Google Hangout or Skype.

**Applicants applying to our programs in the UK will be asked to join a Digital Admissions Day via Google Hangout or Skype.

**Applicants applying to our programs in Singapore may either be asked to join a physical Admissions Day or Digital Admissions Day via Google Hangout or Skype depending on your geographic location.

Letter of Acceptance

Within a month of your participation in the Admissions Day, Hyper Island will notify you of your acceptance. Should you be admitted, everything you will need to confirm your place will be enclosed with the letter of acceptance.

Welcome to Hyper Island

Your journey with us begins with the Hyper Island Way Week, which gives you a chance to further explore the Hyper Island methodology, and get acquainted with your fellow students. Think of it as new student orientation - Hyper Island style!