Application Task

This Application Task is now valid only for International Applicants until December 2019. The new Application Task for Nordic and International applicants will be released in the end of December 2019.

As part of your application to join a full-time program at Hyper Island Sweden, we’d like all students to complete an Application Task. The theme for this year’s task is “Bridge the gap” – in which you are invited to find a way of bringing people together.

Who should complete this task?
All International and Nordic applicants must submit an application task when applying to one of our programs.

The Application Task is applicable to applicants for the following programs:

Business Developer

Stockholm, start August 2020

Business Developer - Distance Learning

Karlskrona, start August 2020

Content Developer

Stockholm, start August 2020

Data Analyst

Stockholm, start August 2020

Design Lead

Stockholm, start August 2020

Digital Media Creative

Stockholm or Karlskrona, start August 2020

Frontend Developer

Stockholm, start August 2020

Motion Creative

Stockholm, start August 2020

Motion Designer

Karlskrona, start August 2020

UX Designer

Karlskrona, start August 2020

International applicant?
International Applicants must submit an Application Task in addition to the application online and attending a Digital Admissions Day. Click here for more information.


In the last 10 years, social media and social networking have affected all of our lives; our relationships, our work, and even our politics. It has also made it increasingly complicated to know who to listen to, and where to find answers to our questions.

As a result, most of us are trapped in filter bubbles. This means that much of what we are exposed to on our social media streams, our online searches and even in the ads suggested to us is selectively presented to you based on powerful algorithms. This can also be described as being in an echo chamber, where the information you are exposed to reinforces your existing views, potentially without you even noticing that it is biased.

In other words, being on the internet in this day of age means coming to grips with managing the bias of your own world-views. How can you be sure that the news articles you read and stories around you are actually factual? Are you really right? And is the person with the opposing opinion, really wrong?

Bridge the Gap

Ever found yourself trying to get a point across, collaborate or communicate with someone but you were left going around in circles? Differences of opinion, regardless of how big or small, can make us feel like we’re a million miles apart and the gap between us is widening.

At Hyper Island, we believe that one of the answers to an increasingly complex world is to become better at understanding each other’s needs and appreciating the differences of people. We train our students in non-violent communication techniques so that they might be able to unlock conflicts and bridge the gap between differences in opinions.

One mantra we hold close, from Marshall Rosenberg, psychologist & mediator is:
“Before agreeing or disagreeing with anyone’s opinions, try to tune in to what the person is feeling and needing” (source). This tells us that we should stop and genuinely listen to the other person before we act or make an assumption.

Hyper Island students spend considerable time developing ways to bridge the gaps between people, but also between old and new culture, adapting to change and inventing the future. We would like you to start your Hyper Island learning journey doing the same.

Application Task

We hereby invite you to submit your own way of bridging a gap, as part of your application to study full time at Hyper Island Sweden in 2020. This is what we would like you to do:

  1. Identify a gap that you think you can bridge – a situation where people are disconnected. This can be a personal perspective or something with wider effects.
  2. Once you have identified the gap you want to bridge, explore what you can do to change the status quo and bring the sides closer together.
  3. Create a unique method or solution that actively contributes to this goal. Present your solution as your Application Task.

There are no rules on how to present your task other than that it must not take more than 5 minutes to review. The application should be presented in English.
You only need to submit one Application Task in your application, even if you are applying to more than 1 program.

Submit your task

Present your task in whatever format you find suitable – it can be anything: PDF, text doc, video, website, powerpoint presentation and anything in between. (Acceptable formats include: MP4, MOV, PDF, URL, ZIP, JPG, or PNG.)

Evaluation criteria

Your Application Task is reviewed and scored against two criteria: your ability to innovate and your ability to communicate your idea. You can score a maximum of 5 points overall.

  • Innovation is determined by the idea, its feasibility, and originality and can score up to 3 points.
  • Communication is determined by how effectively you present your idea and its ease of understanding for the audience and can score up to 2 points.


Deadline to submit your full application, including this task is April 2nd 2020 at midnight.

Submit your task and application