Host an alumni meet-up in your city

Berlin? Amsterdam? New York? Singapore? Regardless of where in the world you are, we can (almost) guarantee that there are other alumni around. Connect your local (alumni) community by hosting a local Meet-Up with the support of our pre-designed learning experience. Get those Hyper Island tools back on the wall!

Everything you need to host a meet-up

How awesome that you’ve decided to host a local meet-up with fellow alumni! We have created this kit to empower you to connect with like-minded people in your local community. Plus, it’s a great way to refresh the Hyper Island tools and methodology.

  1. Host a Meet-Up
    Here you’ll find all information needed to host your own local meet-up.
  2. Learning experience
    Here you’ll find a designed learning experience.
  3. Presentation template
    Feel free to use this presentation template as a support when structuring your Meet-Up. In this template, you’ll also find photos that you can use during your meet-up.
  4. Social Flyer
    If needed, you can use this as a promotion support across social media.

We’re here if you need any support and are so excited to hear how your meet-up went.