Lead the change

A Hyper Island ambassador is someone who wishes to invest time and energy in to helping the Hyper Island alumni community seize its full potential. It’s a group of leaders working to create deeper connections amongst alumni and also contribute to the growth of Hyper Island.

As an ambassador you will join a global program with 100+ alumni with the purpose of collaborating, connecting, giving back and learning for life.

This program is a safe space for prototyping wild ideas, developing new concepts and making progress, both as individuals but also as a group. Our vision is to enable the future leaders of Hyper Island.

In a co-created process between Hyper Island and our current ambassadors, we have defined the following values for our ambassadors program:

Lifelong learning, Trust, Connection, Collaboration and Growth

What do I need to contribute with as an ambassador?

Well, it’s all up to you really. But you should be prepared to meet potential students, host local events in your city, co-create programs, design & facilitate workshops, create content, represent HI at events, festivals and conferences. We also see being part of the program as a thought leader – contributing to our collective intelligence.

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