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All Hyper Island students spend ⅓ of their program on internship. The Hyper Island internships are all about learning and development and contributing with new perspectives and ideas.

Our students are highly sought after as interns globally. We aim to match that demand by enabling our students to apply the experience, skills and knowledge they have developed in the first phase of their program to the modern workplace.

Since students seek out their own internships, we cannot guarantee a specific candidate to any company. We do however provide tools for companies to connect with students, and vice-versa. We always seek to matches our students with companies that are a good fit.

Here are some tips for recruiting your Hyper Island intern.

Become a learning partner

Working with our students as a Learning Partner is an excellent way of connecting and cultivating relationships with our exciting talents. In addition to setting a brief based on your business challenges, you will get a team of students dedicated to solving your challenges.

Contact us today and our learning design expert will be happy to discuss with you how you can become a learning partner with us.

Job board

This thriving and ever expanding database is one of the first stop for our talents when considering their future options. Companies can post open internship opportunities and details on the kind of people and skills they are seeking for.

Post an internship opportunity today

Tweet Us, Like Us, Post To Us, Etc!

Obvious as this may be, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach out to Hyper Island students. Feel free to post internship opportunities on our Facebook page or tweet with the hashtag #hyperisland. You'll reach many current students as well others in the ever-growing Hyper Island network.